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PHPCipher Security Suite 5 is the most advance, most comprehensive security system developed for the PHP language. It comes with everything you'll need to securely distribute your PHP software.

High Security PHP Encoder

Stops unauthorized personnel from reading, modifying and reverse engineering your code. Advance PHP obfuscation makes your code extremely hard to understand. Improves security by preventing hackers from analyzing your source code.

Online Licensing Module

Generates small encrypted license files that act as keys to your software. Only unlocks software on domains or IP addresses specified by you. Powerful API allows you to distribute licenses from your website without additional server side software.

Client Management System

Free client management system for developers who do not have such a system in place. Easily sell scripts from your website by installing our Logics Client Management System on your server. Fully automated system allows you to manage everything from one place.

Core Features

Highly Secure

Encrypted code is well protected and almost impossible to decrypt. PHPCipher uses a 128 bit password and a stream cipher to encrypt php scripts.

Loader Free

Does not require your host to disable thread safety. No need to install additional loaders. Encrypted scripts will work on 99% of the servers from commercial hosting companies.

Web 2.0 Software

You will be able to access your Security Suite from any computer with an internet connection and a compatible browser. Unlike other companies, we do not lock software you purchase to a single computer.

Integrated System

Your Security Suite covers all your e-business needs in a single system. From intellectual property protection, software licensing, to client management.

Unlimited Updates

As long as you stay a member of PHPCipher, you will always have access to the most current and updated version. Pay a one-time fee for lifetime membership.

Business Edge

Protect your Software

You have invested valuable time and money in developing your software. Our high security PHP encoder protects your investment by preventing piracy and unauthorized distribution.

Increase Security

Hackers frequently analyze source code in order to find exploits and vulnerabilities. Encoding your scripts will stop hackers from discovering your weaknesses and compromising your code.

Maximize Profits

Every pirated copy of your software reduces your profits. Use our licensing system to lock out unauthorized users. Implement time limited trial or subscription software.

Autopilot System

Our Client Management System automates the whole process of selling a script. From payment to activation of license, everything can be processed without your attention.

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