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The chart below compares phpCipher to other software available on the market. Information presented below are gathered from their respective websites and trial versions and may not be accurate.

An encoding software is defined as highly secure when advance reverse engineering tools are required to decode it. Many protection schemes can be broken using only notepad and a default installation of php.

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  Project Management System
Quickly and easily encrypt php files with multiple user defined projects.

Highly Secure
Sophisticated encryption algorithm prevents others from looking into your code. Encryption engine exists on private server away from the hands of any hackers.

Online Licensing System
Easily and transparently integrates into your existing membership or distribution system. Powerful system provides programmers with unmatched flexibility. Lock to IP address or domain name.

Fast Runtime Performance
Highly efficient decryption engine. Source code goes through optimization phase before encryption.

Highest Compatibility
Will work on most servers without any changes to their configuration. Does not require special libraries to be installed. Encrypted code runs on all major platforms. Generates ftp friendly, high security ASCII code.

Source Signature
Clearly identifies you as the owner of the encrypted script. Allows users to trace the code back to you and your website even if your code were distributed illegally. Any modification to the signature would stop the code from working.

Partial Encryption
Able to selectively encrypt parts of a script. Allows design elements and configuration parameters to remain editable.

Obfuscate HTML
Option to Obfuscate HTML output of your script. Makes it harder for spiders and bots to analyze your website.

Client Management System
Put your website into autopilot. Advance system allows you to easily manage thousands of clients, automate license and registration, process payment, integrated affiliate program, and much more.

Loader Free
Does not require installations of loaders. Loaders are platform specific decoders and many servers do not fully support them.

Encrypt Anywhere
Online encryption engine supports most current browsers. Access phpCipher on anywhere on any platform.

User Friendly
Online help and user manual make protecting your scripts easy.

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