Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

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Account and Billing
  • Are there any recurring charges?
  • What are the methods of payment available?
  • How do I cancel my account?
  • How many people can use my PHPCipher account?

  • Do I need to install any loaders or make any changes to php.ini?
  • Do I need to upload my encoded scripts in binary mode?
  • What platforms will encoded scripts work on?
  • Will my protected scripts stop working if PHPCipher goes offline?

Encryption and Security
  • How secure are my encoded scripts?
  • What is Source Signature?
  • Does PHPCipher encrypt my html output?
  • Will encoding code decrease performance?
  • Can PHPCipher do batch encoding?
  • Why does the file size of my scripts become bigger?
  • I lost my original source code. Can you restore my encoded source code?

Licensing System
  • If another user has access to PHPCipher and he knows my CodeID, can he generate licenses for my code?
  • My account has expired. Will my code and licenses stop working?
  • How does the Licensing System help me distribute my code?
  • How are the license file distributed?
  • How do I obtain the Logics Client Management System?
  • Where do I put the license file?

Knowledge Base
If you need more information, please consult the manual or refer to our sample code.

Alternatively, you may contact support if you have any questions.
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